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Compassionate, evidence based counselling

As a mom of two I know firsthand how vulnerable, anxious, sad, angry, overwhelmed and alone parenting can sometimes make us feel. 

I've experienced my own difficult postpartum journey and, as a result, I strive to provide a judgement free space where you can share your deepest feelings about motherhood. I'll work with you towards feeling better, understanding and being the kind of parent you want to be and whatever else it is you'd like to achieve.

People often come to counselling with concerns about:

  • postpartum anxiety, depression and rage

  • work/life balance

  • feelings of failure

  • identity as a mother

  • adjusting to parenthood

  • relationship struggles

  • healthy attachment

  • pregnancy and infant loss

  • fertility

I have over ten years of counselling experience along with specialized training in maternal mental health and couples counselling. Together, we can explore what's bothering you and take practical steps towards feeling better and creating the kind of life you'd like to have.

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